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Please find enclosed my support for the editor of the Polish environmental magazine entitled the Green Brigades.

Dear Andrzej Zwawa,

Since 1989 - as long as I have read the Green Brigades - the publication has had the key role in the systematic disseminating of environmental information, promoting sustainable development, deep ecology as well as feminist and ecofeminist issues. It also regularly provides necessary information and knowledge tools for citizens' organizations in the fields of environmental activity. In my opinion the results of your work particularly contribute to the development of civil society in Poland, including the development of women's rights.

So far in Poland there are very few publications regularly concerning the development of gender equality, so your attempts to promote feminism and ecofeminism must be appreciate as invaluable. In the columns of your magazine women have always had a possibility to speak frankly about their problems, ideas and activity. The Green Brigades has created a unique platform for environmental NGO's giving voice to women in environmental movement, which plays a crucial role not only in establishing strong environmental lobby, but also in maintaining the society of equal rights both for men and women.

I hope the Green Brigades still will be able to serve as the source of information on environmental activity in Poland and the platform for wide range of environmental issues encouraging women to articulate their problems as well as to take part in activity in favour of improving their situation in society. In my opinion the Green Brigades do deserve the funding support in order to be able to continue your valuable contribution to the environmental movement and civil society in Poland.

Anna Nacher
member of Workshop for All Beings Society (a member of deep ecology movement in Poland),
author of many articles on ecofeminism published in "The Green Brigades", "Wild Life" (publication of Workshop for All Beings) and "In a Plein Voice" (publication of Women's Centre "eFKa" - Feminist Foundation).
Workshop for All Beings Branch in Nowy S±cz,
ul. Piastowska 5
33-300 Nowy S±cz
Ph: 0048 18 441-10-47 Fax: 0048 18 442-28-16
e-mail: marek@pnrwi.most.org.pl